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History of S R A


Since beginning of 20th century slums existed in Mumbai e.g. Dharavi, Matunga labour camp, etc.
2. Pre & Post independence people from all corners of country came in search of job.
3. Mumbai was the only city of Employment opportunity.
4. Slum became the culture of Mumbai .

APPROACH – I 1950-1970

1. From 1950 to 1970 the approach was to remove the slums and protect the land.
2. The Influx of migrant labour was so huge therefore the efforts to protect even private land proved futile.
3. Large Area of public land encroached by slums.

APPROACH – II 1970-1990

1. Since the removal and control of slum proved futile the humanitarian approach to recognise the slum was consider.
2. The Maharashtra Slum Area (Improvement, Clearance & Redevelopment) Act, 1971 came in existence.
3. Census of hutments carried out in 1976 and Identity Card/Photo passes issued to Slum Families.
4. Basic amenities such as water, drainage, toilet, pathways, street light were provided in slum area.
5. Slum Up-gradation program was implemented with World Bank assistance in mid 1980.
6. Slum land given on lease of 30 yrs to the co-operative society of slum dwellers at a nominal lease rent.
7. Soft loans for renovation of individual structures on as is where is basis was provided.
8. Redevelopment of slum dwellers was also initiated in Dharavi under PMGP.

APPROACH – III 1991-1995

1. Redevelopment of slums started under SRD by making provision in Act and Rules.
2. Under DCR No. 33 (10) redevelopment of slum through owners/ developers /co-operative housing societies of slum dwellers/NGO was made permissible for censused slum or slum dweller whose name appeared in the Electoral Roll of 1985 with FSI upto 2.5.
3. The Scheme proved not effective.

APPROACH – IV 1995 Onwards

1. A high power study group was formed by Govt. popularly called AFZULPURKAR COMMITTEE which recommended Slum Rehabilitation scheme.
2. Committee has estimated 80% slum rehabilitation is possible in situ.
3. Committee relies on philosophy that “if inequality has to be removed there has to be unequal law” as giving free tenements to slum dwellers is not supported by housing philosophy but slum dwellers deserve this preferential unequal treatment to bring them into mainstream of social, cultural and economic fabric of this pulsating city.

Planing Authority

By amendment to the Maharashtra Regional &  Town Planning (MR & TP) Act 56, Slum Rehabilitation  Authority has been declared as a planning authority, to function as a local authority for the area under its jurisdiction. SRA has been empowered to prepare and submit proposals for  modification to the Development Plan of Greater Mumbai.

Jurisdiction of S R A

As per the parameters given under the slum rehabilitation scheme, SRA  can declare any area as slum rehabilitation area for the rehabilitation of slums and in certain cases slum areas  become slum rehabilitation area by means of  deeming provisions. All such slum  rehabilitation areas where slum rehabilitation schemes are proposed and being implemented,  come under the jurisdiction of SRA.


The powers, duties, and functions of the Slum Rehabilitation Authority are: To survey and review existing position regarding Slum areas in greater Mumbai. To formulate schemes for rehabilitation of slum areas To get the slum rehabilitation scheme implemented. To do all such other acts and things as may be necessary for achieving the objective of rehabilitation of slums.

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